A Creative Campaign for Creative Directors of ad agencies

The Brief

“Gold Fish” is Israel’s biggest print competition for over 16 years now. The company was looking for a new way to motivate as many Israeli ad agencies as possible, to send in their best work of the year.

The Objective

To pull in as many ad agencies to take part in this biggest print competition.

The Target Audience (TG)

The main TG of the award show are creative directors, as it is their ultimate opportunity to prove their true value.

The Solution

The company decided to focus their campaign on Israel’s leading creative directors, and apart from a print campaign which targeted them personally with the message “Let’s see how much you really worth”. The company decided to reach them in a more unique and surprising way. The month before the award show started, on the salary pay day, every creative director in Israel received a paycheck that looked like his own, with his name on it. When he opened it he found the amount was missing, and a closer look reveled the message “Let’s see how much you really worth”, along with an invitation to the competition opening event.

The Campaign Result

250 paychecks were placed on the desk of creative directors of 42 ad agencies in Israel, which is pretty much all Israeli ad agencies. The campaign created a buzz and was talked about among the Israeli creative community and press. The campaign reached it’s goal: 14 agencies, a 1/3rd of there target audience took part, entries were increased by 20%, increasing a rise on new participants.

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