The 5 Ms Of Advertising With Respect To The Sundrop Campaign


Sales goals: Leadership in the edible refined oil segment

Advertising Goals:

Communication task

  • Position Sundrop as the healthy oil for healthy people
  • Ensure that this did not erode the delivery of the taste benefit.
  • Positioning had to be perceptually as far away from Saffola.
  • Young, modern and premium feel
  • Execution had to be distinct and original to stand out from the clutter


  • Stage in PLC: Introductory, therefore relatively large expenditure
  • Market share: new product
  • Competitors:
    Saffola (Safflower oil) also used the health platform but was associated with heart patients and less taste
    Flora and Sunola (Sunflower oils)


Health was chosen as the platform, along with a supporting claim for taste. People who were healthy and energetic were concerned about the long-term prospects of their health. Thus ‘Health’

  • Was related to maintenance of good health
  • Was applicable to all members of the family
  • Was characterized by lively energetic people
  • Thus the message and (positioning): ‘The Healthy Oil for Healthy People’


Primary media: Television ad 30 seconds.

Print ad


  • Within 6 months, Sundrop became the largest selling refined sunflower oil.
  • Redefined the category and expanded the Sunflower oil segment from 2.71% to 23% in 6 months, and 42% in 1997
  • Still the largest selling sunflower oil brand holds 15% of branded oil market.
  • The ad was shown for over 10 year

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