Process of Setting Advertising Objectives

The advertising objectives must flow from prior decisions on target market, market positioning, and marketing mix.

Informative advertising:

It is heavily used in the pioneering stage of a product category, where the aim is to build primary demand.

Ujala commercial, where the ad talks about how different it is from the age old “neel” by talking about its solution contents and showing how different your clothes look when washed with Ujala.

Persuasive advertising:

It is generally used when the product is in the competitive stage, where the company’s objective is to build selective demand for a particular brand.

Whirlpool ice magic positions itself as being a quick icemaker and was the first one of its kind to use this as a marketing platform.

Reminder advertising:

It is very important to use these when the product is in the maturity stage. They are intended to remind people to purchase your brand.

Thums up, Coke, Pepsi ads all these ads no more are shown to create awareness or persuasion because people are already aware of their presence and already have chosen the brand of their choice. These are just reminder ads to keep the brand or the company fresh in the minds of the consumers or have the brand top of mind.

Reinforcement advertising:

It seeks to ensure the buyers that they have made the right choice by purchasing your brand.

Hamara Bajaj advertisements make the owner of the two wheelers of Bajaj proud of their possession by giving it a patriotic positioning.


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