Low involvement- think quadrant-FCB Grid

This pertains to purchase of products like food, etc , where rational approach is followed and buyer follows a Do – Learn – Feel pattern

 Advertising can therefore focus on:

  • Don’t use comparative ads
  • Use one-sided appeals
  • Use credible/expert source
  • Present strongest arguments first
  • Use a large number of arguments
  • Draw a conclusion
  • Reminder ads and repetition
  • Catchy music and slogans
  • Small space ads
  • Point of sale ads.

Possible implications:

Test: Sales

Media: Small space ads, 10 second Ids, radio, POS

Creative: Reminder

The Sugar free ad that features Raveena Tandon and Harsha Bhogle, Dettol ad that features the lady saying “mei apne parivaar ka dhyaan nahi rakhoongi to aur kaun rakhega?”

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