Low involvement- feel quadrant of FCB Grid

These involve low involvement products whereby individuals exhibit an emotional approach and follow a Do – Feel – Learn pattern. Products are to be purchased for self-gratification.

Thus advertising must look at:

  • Create a likable ad via the use of music, celebrities, humor, attractive visuals
  • Use likable sources
  • Attention getting
  • Impulse purchase
  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Point of sale

Possible implications:

Test: Sales

Media: Billboard, newspapers, POS

Creative: attention

Gilbey’s Green Label ad that that uses the emotional appeal for a low involvement product,shows the man working hard in mines and the song “ Kuch pana hai kuch kar dikhana hai”

Pan Pasand, in its ads, talked about how having a Pan Pasand lozenge changes moods from anger to polite and loving.

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