How Traditional Advertising is different from Internet Advertising

The following table shows how Traditional Advertising is different from Internet Advertising



TA is static.

It is dynamic with multimedia- supporting text and graphics video sound all together.

Space is not a restricting factor

Space is a problem, as regards size of the banners etc.

The proportion of advertising to editorial is high sometimes 50:50.

A web page would be 91% editorial and 9% advertising.

Does not evoke immediate action.

Invokes immediate action as you at-least need to click on the ad.

Response to the action is not immediate.

First response is immediate as when the user clicks, the person is directed to other web page with more details.

dvertisements are passively received.

The user has high attention level and concentration while using the net, and hence they notice the ad. (please refer the chapter)

Advertising does not always target a very focused audience.

This can be very focused.

Advertisements are ubiquitous.

Advertisements catch users when they are on the lookout for some thing. For example the search is for travel on a search engine there are ads of travel agents on the net.

Difficult to track the exact number of people who saw the advertisement.

This is quite possible with Internet advertisements.

Ads are graphic intensive and avoid copy overload.

Both copy and graphics are restricted by the banner size specifications.

The costs would be prohibitive to reach a global audience.

There are no
such constraints.

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