High involvement- think quadrant of FCB Grid

High level of decision is required to be made as decision is with regard to purchase of high value items like house, cars, etc.Thus in this case, people generally follow a pattern of learn- feel- do. Thus advertising must focus on the following aspects:



  • Convey multiple facts that illustrate the basic message
  • Use expert/credible sources
  • Present scientific evidence
  • Use 2 sided appeals
  • Present weakest arguments first
  • Use comparative advertising.

A computer being a high involvement decision product would demand a more rational approach where consumers would try to find out about features, usage, etc. and then go it buying it after having being convinced by it. Thus these ads try to provide required information.

Intel ads- Pentium 4 that showed a whole lot of things including a class room set up and child learning, that tried to convey how learning became easy and better with it.

Possible implications:

Test: Recall, Diagonistics

Media: Long copy format, Reflective vehicles

Creative: Specific information, Demon

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