High involvement- feel quadrant – FCB Grid

Here decisions are with regard to high involvement items where emotional approach is involved. People therefore follow a Feel – Learn – Do pattern in case of purchase.

 Advertising must:

  • Use dramas
  • Use sources similar to your customers
  • Try to create empathy and a vicarious emotional experience
  • Strong visuals
  • Large spreads
  • TV with visual impact

Possible implications:

Test: attitude change.

Emotional arousal

Media: Large space

Image specials.

Creative: Exceptional


Ads of Lakme featuring Yana Gupta, for the strawberry crème, another ad with a young boy overwhelmed by her soft skin and look.

e.g: PROVOGUE continuously advertises its line of garments as being endorsed by popular models and actors, one being Fardeen Khan. Instead of talking about fabrics or colours, it always talks about the aspirational value of wearing a Provogue outfit.

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