Criticism with regard to DAGMAR model

Sales orientation those who see sales as the only valid measure of effectiveness level this criticism. The sole purpose of advertising is to generate sales. So as the completion of communications tasks may not result in purchases, the only, measure that needs to be undertaken is that of sales.

Restrictions on creativity :DAGMAR is criticized on the grounds that creative flair is lost as attention is continuously on the numbers game, such as focusing on measures of recall, attitude change and awareness rather than the looking for the big idea. Thus the creative personnel is held more accountable under DAGMAR and this may inhibit some of their work.

A campaign with all music and warm human visuals is loved by everybody but it would fail to meet the company’s standard. Thus a wonderful campaign would be evaluated on wrong criteria.

Short-term accountability: Managers do not have adequate time to spend on analyzing levels of comprehension and preference and convert them into formats that are going to be of direct benefit to them and their organizations.

Difficulty in determining what constitutes adequate levels of awareness and comprehension and how can it be determined which stage the majority of the target audience has reached at any given point of time.

The VIP Feelings advertisements for ladies undergarments could be successful changing the attitude towards the brand VIP that was associated to be a man’s wear, or it could be successful in creating awareness that VIP has started a new line of product for ladies too. Evaluating and measuring this from one single advertisement is difficult.

Hierarchy of Effects Model, DAGMAR attacks the basic hierarchy model, which postulates a set of steps of awareness, comprehension, and attitude leading to action. The counterargument is that it is possible that action may precede awareness.

The foreign chocolates, which are bought by people from the departmental stores, are not advertised, but still people buy them. It is later that the advertising for the product is done, or sometimes it is not done at all. Another example would be that action is preceded the attitude formation and comprehension with the impulse purchase of a low involvement product.

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